The Importance of Being Remarkable

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

When you walk down the cereal isle at the grocery store, you have what feels like an infinite number of choices.  It wasn't always this way.

We changed it.  The customers have spoken.  Oat bran no longer satisfies our apatite, especially when it's shelved next to the more colorful, more interesting, and always delicious box of (your cereal here).

It doesn't matter the cereal--"Apple Jack's", "Corn Pops".  I'm betting its not oat bran.

It's no longer safe to be oat bran.  Buyers have too many options.  The connection from your brand to your customers has to be genuine and personal.  And, if you really want to keep customers coming back, if you want lines down the block like Bi-Rite Creamery or Tartine Bakery, you will make the experience of shopping in your store remarkable.

Grocery store, ice cream shop, cereal, dentist, airline--the product or service is secondary.  What's primary, what's important is that customers have more options today than yesterday.  And when given the choice between oat bran and remarkable, customers will choose remarkable--every time.

When you make business your art, you are remarkable.  Because, there is no one else like you.  You stand alone, above the other boxes on the shelf.  You represent more than the contents.  You represent an idea.

Don't settle.  Be remarkable.