How to Develop Taste

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Start with a large sample.  Diversity is key.  Developing taste means tasting enough so that you are able to identify what you like and then articulate why.

Expand your pallet whenever possible.  We learn from new ideas and sensations that expand the realm of possibility within our mind.  To develop taste requires exposure to both the worst of the worst and the mind-blowingly awesome.

Why do you like what you like?  Ask yourself.  When you do find the "mind-blowingly awesome", it's great--but don't stop looking.

Life, writing, fine wines, whatever--don't stop exploring. Don't stop "getting lost".

That's how you develop taste.  That's how you refine your passions from a craft to an art.  If you love jazz guitar, be the Columbus or the Cortez of jazz guitar.  Sail to the end of the world and tell us what you find.

We can't taste all the wines, listen to every piece of music, visit every art gallery, read every book on the shelve, and sail every sea by ourself.  That's why we must develop taste.  That's where we add our value.

The mural of life is dynamic.  Our purpose is not to paint the entire picture.  But rather, we can choose to paint one small dot as honestly and beautifully as possible.  If we focus on our one dot, collectively we will have a masterpiece.

Develop your taste.  We need your art.  We need your dot.