Finding Purpose

Posted on by Brian Hertzog

Purpose is energy. A hammer striking a nail, a needle pulling thread, or a fire keeping us warm, there's a supreme simplicity in the art of performing the task we're designed to do. The world "makes sense". But it's difficult to find, purpose. Life's much more complicated than a screw and a screwdriver.

How do you find purpose? To have purpose is to reach the source. Children do it when they incessantly ask, "why?" happily disregarding their parents' annoyance. Ask questions. What's the purpose of our actions, inactions, and emotions. When you finally derive the root of your problem, you may find the solution completely different or far simpler than you originally anticipated. We're our own worst enemies and naturally over-complicate situations because it's the simple solution that makes us feel, well, simple. People have a natural bias toward the complex.

Purpose is obvious. Take a moment to reflect on your greatest source of purpose. Feel the energy in your body. It's a simple exercise with little to lose and everything to gain. Like the hammer, needle, or fire, finding purpose is about doing what we're designed to do, and to me, that's beautiful.